To become a millionaire, do this two things

Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. Without wasting your time on long form articles, I will get straight to the point.

There is no short cut to success! There is no silver bullet, and it’s not prescriptive. To attain your goals, you have to put in work regardless of your gender, color, background, or education. There are two critical factors you must accept be willing to do in order to attain your goals, including making your first million.

  1. Solve a simple, relatable problem. Don’t try building the death star or a rocket ship. Build the plate that astronauts will use to eat food instead. Let others worry about the rocket. Don’t try building a city, cultivate the land to grow crops. When people are well nourished, they can summon the energy to build. Children can’t go to school on an empty stomach, teachers can’t teach on an empty stomach, builders can’t build on an empty stomach. The only thing that happens on an empty stomach is hunger and want, this leads to anger, jealousy, hate, war, deprivation and conflict. Many a time we see starving people (including children) holding weapons of war. They have no food but they have bullets. The logic here being to solve a simple problem that anyone can relate to. This gives you a large market, and opens up other opportunities down the road. For example, PayPal sold for $1.5 Billion, but Elon Musk made $165 million from the sale....though still a large number, it set up other opportunities that made him a multi billionaire down the road. In a nutshell, find a simple problem that anyone can relate to, then scale it. If you sell a product for $1, sell it to a thousand people or more. Every returning customer brings you closer to that goal. If you want to be a billionaire, take the same approach.
  2. Commit to it: This is self explanatory. If your solution or product…or whatever you are selling is easily relatable, then it will be easier to stick to. People give up on their dreams often because they didn’t truly understand why they were doing it in the first place. In order to commit to anything, you must know it inside out, and you must own it. It will get difficult at times, but consider this; when you get into your car to drive, there will be stop signs, yellow lights, inconsiderate drivers and pedestrians among other annoyances on your drive. Does this mean you turn back and go home? Not at all, you driver till you get to your destination. This is because you’ve committed to going where you’re going. The same applies to setting goals. If it means getting in front of people, networking, introducing yourself… must be committed. I had to pitch Phlatbed to many audiences, sometimes the feedback was good, other times not so much. Sometimes the audience made me question why I was there, other times I was very happy to be there. I faced all kinds of challenges including gender, race (almost ever present), and socio-cultural discrimination across the board. I even had a well known person utter the words “you don’t look like the silicon valley type”, to which I ended the meeting, thanked them for their time, and simply moved on. Did that mean giving up? Not at all, you keep moving forward but you learn a lot along the journey.
At one of the many events I presented

Conclusively, I will continue to share my experiences and I hope someone finds it useful in their quest for success!



Technocrat, Pragmatist, Geek trying to un-geek myself! Founder/CEO

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Alani Kuye

Alani Kuye

Technocrat, Pragmatist, Geek trying to un-geek myself! Founder/CEO

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