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We all dread the issue of moving an item across town. Whether it’s the item on sale at the store, or from tag sale, or the item you bought on the Facebook Marketplace. In some cases you miss out on a good deal simply because you had no way to get the item home.

Everyone has been there….new job, new city, new apartment and the dreaded occasional furniture or item purchase and getting it home. A simple walk through IKEA and you know this feeling all too well. You have some options to move your things. Here are the six options to choose from when moving:

Friend Move

Ok so, the “Friend Move” is the one that so many of us are familiar with. The “buddy with a truck move”…the “Hi, we haven’t connected in a while, but can we use your truck, or your dads truck?” move…the “I’ll buy you pizza and beer” move.

While this move capitalizes on friendship, it’s free (or a pizza and beer might suffice). It’s often inconsistent, and in almost every case it’s based on the other person’s schedule. They can reschedule and/or cancel at any time.

Some issues to consider are:

Phlatbed On-Demand Moving and Delivery Mobile Application

Phlatbed makes on demand moving and furniture delivery simple! Phlatbed connects you to local drivers who can help you move stuff! It’s that simple! All drivers are pre-screened, and cleared before being approved to respond to your requests. Whether it’s furniture, appliances, small, medium, junk removal, or just help packing & loading stuff , drivers are at the ready with availability and flexibility. You can track your item in real time, chat with your driver in the app, and get your items where you want it, when you want it.

Simply enter your pickup and delivery address, add a few images, and description, name your price, and drivers respond in minutes. It’s that simple! You might make a new friend in the process!

Collaborative Consumption Ecosystem

Technology has helped the on-demand marketplace grow. According to a survey conducted by Burson-Marsteller, 45 million Americans today are offering goods and services in the sharing economy used by 86.5 million Americans. This has been to the benefit of the direct consumer and the provider ecosystem.

“For the first time, consumers are able to monetize some of their assets that they already have that they weren’t getting any income out of,” says Rowan Benecke, chair of Burson-Marsteller’s Global Technology Practice, based in New York. “Some assets could be the extra time [people] have available to run errands and do odd jobs; they could be an extra room in your apartment or a tool in your closet for a special project.” Drivers for Phlatbed fall into this category.

Peer-to-Peer Markets

Trust is a fundamental part of the ondemand model. “The marketplaces are generally peer-to-peer markets, where you can determine other people’s experiences with you,” says Benecke. “If you’re renting a particular service, a community can rate a particular service. Users rate providers, and users are rated by buyers.” This mutual feedback mechanism ensures quality, while the market stabilizes pricing and value.

Finding out about people within the community is easy, and people are more inclined to trust someone with an established service and good reviews.

These firms bring significant economic, environmental, and entrepreneurial benefits including an increase in employment and a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions (in the case of car sharing services for example).

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