I call BS! This is akin to when some people play the race card when politically expedient to skip accountability!

Why is it whenever anyone fights back against abuse of freedom of speech the “Press” suddenly conveniently hop into the victim role? Peters actions acts as a checks and balances against a press that has evolved into a body with a serious deficit on quality journalism. If anything, today the Press — moreso American Press has evolved into tabloid peddling entities that will not hesitate to wreck peoples lives in the pursuit of salacious reporting.

So, no this isn’t an issue of freedom of speech. It’s an issue of the abuse of freedom of speech, and someone with the capacity to fight back does exactly what many people would do if they could afford to and you scream victimization. Gawker deserves a taste of what it feels like to have your life upended by privacy invading entities using their tools to wreck lives.

Gawker is not the victim here and lets not even go there! I’ll be very curious if they found a way into your bedroom and published your private/intimate moments for public consumption you’ll be singing a different tune…..perhaps in court on the opposite side of the conversation……making the case for abuse of “Press freedom”.


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