• Farooq Jeelani

    Farooq Jeelani

    Reader, commenter, and writer. Informed by my experiences as a parent, entrepreneur, and attorney.

  • Joe Esposito

    Joe Esposito

    Side hustlin' screenwriter, my cold query coming to an inbox near you. VP of UX @CNB; ex Apple, JPMC. Eng/Esp.

  • Aston Emerson

    Aston Emerson

    Believer of truth

  • Robert DeMarzo

    Robert DeMarzo

    Content creator for IT events in Cloud, VAR and CIO markets. Long time tech journalist, blogger, writer. SVP, The Channel Company. Xchange, NexGen Cloud, MES

  • Jimmy Adaro

    Jimmy Adaro

    25. Buenos Aires. Sr Web Architect.

  • Susan Bennett

    Susan Bennett

    Susan Bennett, Voice-over Artist and Singer. Most of you know me as the voice of Siri. VOX, Inc., Los Angeles, http://Voxusa.net

  • Ben Lee

    Ben Lee

    CEO & Cofounder, Neon Roots. Forbes Top 15 Influencer. Inc. 30 Under 30 CEO. Helped 500+ brands generate a combined $700M in revenue. Full-time coach.

  • Erlend Sand

    Erlend Sand

    Building Businesses around Brilliant Brains. Doing less to achieve more. Let’s go — let go. www.erlendsand.com

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