Most businesses want a lightweight CRM that won’t break the bank or complicate their business

72% of businesses want a simple, lightweight CRM, but they avoid it because most CRM systems come with complicated and often overwhelming features they don’t need. After spending years implementing big household name CRM systems, the gist is that most businesses need something simple and minimal.

Unless you’re an enterprise business, Microsoft Dynamics (or Salesforce and any of the big platforms) will be analogical to taking a gunship to a fistfight.

Start small, until you are firmly in grasp of what CRM means to you. It’s very easy to turn off your internal teams if you throw something crazy complicated…

The condition in which you are constantly drawing outlines of visible shapes with your eyes. Welcome to my world.

You may be sitting at home, or at work, or driving, but your mind traces every line on the wall nonstop. For me, it’s every 90 degree angle from the wall, door, table, chairs, television….everything that has a 90 degree angle, in some cases a 45 degree angle. My mind will trace it, and connect an imaginary line to the opposite 90 or 45 degree angle. This happens to me nonstop, and I mean nonstop. When driving, or in public, or at a store, this has always been the case my in entire life, and it applies to everything around…

The ongoing revolution is yet to be understood, and we are not in the thick of it yet.

Whether or not you realize it, there has been a revolution across the western hemisphere, and the world at large. Though slow to those generationally removed from today’s realities, the conventional definition of revolution in itself needs to be revisited.

“Revolution” is defined as “a forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favor of a new system.” Furthermore, “A revolution is a very sharp change made to something. The word comes from Latin, and is related to the word revolutio (which means a turn around).

Though revolutions may take many forms including but not limited to economic, political…

Would you rather have new customers than a new investor? That’s the Million Dollar Question a good Investor Asks.

I would rather have new customers than new investors. Telling your company story should not always be about gaining investors. You should approach every investment opportunity like you’re pitching a new customer, not an investor. Ask yourself, would Bill Gurley buy my product? Would Aaron Levie use my app? If Drew Houston of Jack Dorsey saw my product how will I convince them to pay to use it?

Most entrepreneurs rarely have enough allotted time to tell their story. Why not just tell them why they should buy your product? I have seen and implemented this approach successfully countless times.

Don’t get taken advantage of by investors, add structure from the start

Many founders run into investors who simply take advantage of their naivete on the business side regarding stock allocation, ownership, and company structure. When it comes to building a company, there are many things to take into consideration if you plan on scaling it or raising funds in the future. By setting up your company properly with the necessary structure, you will save yourself time and aggravation from potential investors. This is a quick summary of ways to structure your startup to save headaches down the road.

  1. Share (Stock) Allocation: Ensure you have a set number of stock for your…

Your first $1 million is such a large amount of money because you start with nothing.

Some say that hitting your first million in net worth is harder than hitting subsequent million-dollar milestones, while subsequent millions build on the previous.Having money makes it easier to make more money by having multiple investment options, ability to take risks, and opportunities that reveal themselves.

The American dream ethos is that we all have and equal opportunity to get rich through hard work, individual drive, our own wits and bootstrapping. Many have set out on this journey, and many have succeeded, with an equal amount failing or giving up along the way.

Consider this simple fact: Mathematically, $1MM is…

Fear Of Missing Out is not what VC’s fear that most. You’ll be surprised, find out below.

You just received an email with a term sheet attached, you’re elated and anxious at the same time. You want to share the news with your team, but you have to read through the term sheet first. You open the term sheet and you see terms like participating preferred, senior stock, anti-dilution, contingent upon, pre-money valuation, post-money valuation, warrants, conversion etc. All great but you come to realize it doesn’t mean much unless you can pull additional investors into the round. Now the real work begins. How do you leverage this term sheet to generate interest from other VC’s? Most…

The job of a great investor is to be a coach and not a player. Investing is a business and nothing more.

More than half of investor (while every VC is an investor, every investor is not a VC even if they call themselves a VC, so I will use the word “investor” in lieu of VC) meetings I’ve been a part of have involved participants on the investor side who have behaved in a rude and disrespectful manner. This includes tardiness, cutting out of the meeting early, tapping away at their smartphone, constantly interrupting discussion, condescension, you name it. Some of these meetings were simply ridiculous, as evidenced by a founder who got told he didn’t “look the part” after being…

There is a connection between a messy home and a messy life.

Finding clarity in the maze of our stressful work and personal life is an increasingly daunting task. Research has shown that procrastination, stress, and anxiety have their roots in a messy home.

Simply cleaning up your surroundings, eliminating old items you no longer use, and dusting your living space has very positive mental health benefits. However, this is one of the frequently postponed activities by most people. If you have been procrastinating about starting this seemingly monumental task (monumental in your head, since we associate tasks like this with physical discomfort), you’re not alone! Instead of concentrating on the difficulty…

How do you know when it’s time to seek new challenges?

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

– Mark Twain

Truer words have never been spoken. In every startup’s life, founders are more confident in taking risks, because they don’t have much value in their companies yet to lose. To grow beyond initial stages, you have to take chances. This could be…

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