Ethan Sykes

Inaction breeds doubt, Action breeds confidence and courage. It’s time to get busy!

Most businesses want a lightweight CRM that won’t break the bank or complicate their business

Lightweight CRM — Relotis — Photo courtesy Windows

The condition in which you are constantly drawing outlines of visible shapes with your eyes. Welcome to my world.

Outline Tracing Disorder

The ongoing revolution is yet to be understood, and we are not in the thick of it yet.

Photo by Alex Kotliarskyi on Unsplash

Would you rather have new customers than a new investor? That’s the Million Dollar Question a good Investor Asks.

One of my events — Alani Kuye, Phlatbed

Don’t get taken advantage of by investors, add structure from the start

Startup — Business Meeting.

Your first $1 million is such a large amount of money because you start with nothing.

Maxime Agnelli

Fear Of Missing Out is not what VC’s fear that most. You’ll be surprised, find out below.

Photo by Campaign Creators

The job of a great investor is to be a coach and not a player. Investing is a business and nothing more.

Photo by Smart

There is a connection between a messy home and a messy life.

Tikkho Maciel — Credit

Alani Kuye

Technocrat, Pragmatist, Geek trying to un-geek myself! Founder/CEO

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